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For Fans

Concerto-XL gives you the chance to watch your favourite bands and discover new bands from the best seat in the house your couch. But it is way more than that. With Concerto-XL you will virtually be at the venue, get to chat (full audio) in real time with other concert goers and friends and you can even rock out and dance / mosh the night away! Fans in venue characters / avatars will also be fully customisable and you will also be able to dress them in your favourite band shirts too.

For Bands

Concerto-XL gives bands the opportunity to ''tour'' / play live virtual gigs to new audiences, selling virtual tickets, merch, music and more.

For Established Artists/Bands

Stream ''as live virtual concerts'' throughout the world allowing you to reach audiences you would not otherwise be able to perform to.


Upcoming Events

No Upcoming Events Available


If you are a band interested in being included on the platform or a fan wanting to learn more about the site or being kept up to date, then please feel free to contact us.

Important Note:

As our platform undergoes development until it's launch in early summer 2021, the website will also be subject to ongoing updates etc.

Check out the early access screenshots of our incredible new concert platform